Unlocking the potential of the Commonwealth
4 to 7 July, 2013, Port of Spain, Trinidad & Tobago

Conference themes are Unlocking the potential of the Commonwealth and participatory Governance/Strategic Planning

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A paediatric elective in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka, or Ceylon as it was previously known, is a land of contrasts. Its geography is tantalizing. Mountains flanked by rich jungle rise within its interior whilst swathes of dry scrub carpet the east and coconut plantations line the western coast. To the north lie the ancient fortified cities of Jaffna and Anurhadapura, whilst in the south one finds tiny villages nestled between a string of beautiful beaches. The island is shaped like a tear-drop situated beneath the Indian subcontinent and surrounded by the warm Indian Ocean. Like its landscape, Sri Lankaís health care system is very diverse, ranging from the Lady Ridgeway paediatric hospital in Colombo, to the tiny medical hut in Hambantota.

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The Commonwealth of Nations is currently made up 54 countries across all six continents of the world.

The Commonwealth Medical Association is made up of the national medical associations from at least 41 commonwealth countries.

There are indeed diverse levels of development, cultures, health services, disease patterns and a rich of knowledge and experiences.

Commonwealth doctors share a common language and medical education but many are widely separated from each other geographically and they work in different environments and are exposed to different diseases. One of the main themes of the new strategic plan of the Commonwealth is ëConnecting Peopleí and in the past the Commonwealth Medical Association (CMA) has brought doctors together under the auspices of the National Medical Associations.

The CMA is now poised to deepen the interaction, knowledge, experience and voluntarism among doctors in the commonwealth as the association now strive to connect individual doctors by facilitating exchanges between doctors of different countries who visit hospitals in Commonwealth countries. READ MORE

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