Commonwealth Secretary General Welcomes Newly Elected CMA President

The Secretary General of the Commonwealth The Right Honourable Baroness Patricia Scotland QC met the Newly Elected President of the Commonwealth Medical Association, Prof. Vajira H. W. Dissanayake at the Commonwealth Secretariat at the Marlborough House in London on...
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Colombo declaration for Commonwealth health ‘will shape global agenda’

Both the president and the prime minister of Sri Lanka, have taken part in the launch of the Colombo Declaration to ensure better health across the Commonwealth. The new commitment, enabled by the Secretariat, has eight priorities to reduce inequalities and improve...
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Quality not quantity in health investment

Proof that $153 per head can boost a nation’s health By focusing on prevention rather than cure, countries – and especially least development countries – can get more bang for their buck when investing in national healthcare, advises the Commonwealth Secretariat....
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Digital Health for Health and Wellbeing
14 to 16 October 2016 – Cinnamon Grand, Colombo, Sri Lanka

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The Colombo declaration: A plan for collaborative action

Organisations representing health professionals and policy makers of Commonwealth countries who came together last year to support the Colombo Declaration at the Commonwealth Medical Association’s triennial conference have agreed to undertake a number of activities to work towards reducing inequalities and improving health and well-being for all citizens across the Commonwealth.

This is being called the ‘Colombo Declaration: A plan for collaborative action’. The plan is not legally or financially binding but provides an important an expression of collaborative commitment towards the common goals identified last year.



In fulfilment of the relevant provisions of the constitution of the CMA and with particular reference to article 11.1 of same, notice is hereby given that there shall be election of executive officers for the association to serve for the period 2016 to 2019.
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The Commonwealth of Nations is currently made up 54 countries across all six continents of the world.

The Commonwealth Medical Association is made up of the national medical associations from at least 41 commonwealth countries.

There are indeed diverse levels of development, cultures, health services, disease patterns and a rich of knowledge and experiences.

Commonwealth doctors share a common language and medical education but many are widely separated from each other geographically and they work in different environments and are exposed to different diseases. One of the main themes of the new strategic plan of the Commonwealth is ëConnecting Peopleí and in the past the Commonwealth Medical Association (CMA) has brought doctors together under the auspices of the National Medical Associations.

The CMA is now poised to deepen the interaction, knowledge, experience and voluntarism among doctors in the commonwealth as the association now strive to connect individual doctors by facilitating exchanges between doctors of different countries who visit hospitals in Commonwealth countries. READ MORE

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