osahon6 enabuleleThe President of the Commonwealth Medical Association (CMA), Dr. Osahon Enabulele, has again urged Governments of various countries in the Commonwealth of Nations to urgently deploy more resources and provide adequate Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs) and other incentives for Physicians and other health workers, to aid the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic. The CMA President stated this on Wednesday, 1st of April, 2020, in a world-wide broadcast to all physicians, health workers and citizens of the Commonwealth. The broadcast, titled ‘A Message of Hope and A Call To Action’, highlighted the astronomical increase in the number of Commonwealth countries affected by Covid-19 (which at the end of March, 2020, stood at over 40 countries), with unfortunate loss of physicians, health workers and citizens of the Commonwealth, and great disruptions of global interconnectedness, human industry, global health, security, socio-economic well-being and global prosperity.
In his words, ‘Coronavirus disease (Covid-19) has challenged our way of life, our health, our well-being and our prosperity’.

Wondering how physicians and other health workers were coping in the face of resource challenges and inadequacies, including inadequate Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs) and incentives for health workers, Dr. Enabulele expressed the CMA’s profound gratitude to physicians and other health workers, whom the CMA found to be working admirably in teams and partnerships during the CMA’s site visitations to some hot spots, village clinics, district and tertiary hospitals. He commended health workers for their sustained commitment to duty and provision of quality care, despite these resource challenges and lack of adequate incentives. He however called on Governments in the Commonwealth to urgently improve on their political will and commitments, and to deploy adequate and appropriate resources, including Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs) and incentives for Physicians and other health workers in the fight against Covid-19.

While also appreciating the efforts of National Medical Associations, the World Health Organization (WHO), the Commonwealth Secretariat and the Commonwealth Secretary General (Rt. Hon. Patricia Scotland QC), and the governments of the various countries, in strongly confronting this crippling global health challenge, the CMA President called on National Medical Associations in the Commonwealth to continue to adopt proactive, progressive, dynamic and pragmatic strategic approaches, and to sustain their efforts and partnerships with governments, the private sector, and all other stakeholders, to bring an end to this pandemic.

Dr.Enabulele also called on everyone to actively participate in the global efforts to overcome Covid-19. ‘Everybody is called upon to see this as a patriotic duty; with heightening of positive orientation, level of awareness and participation in the efforts to defeat the virus. The CMA is convinced that this global commitment must remain a ‘one for all, and all for one’ fight against Covid-19’.

With respect to future prospects, Dr. Enabulele expressed great optimism that the world will overcome the Covid-19 pandemic. He hinged his optimism on previous global triumphs against some diseases that had ravaged several countries in the world, such as SARS, Swine Flu, Bird flu, and Ebola, as well as the progress so far made, particularly in Asia and some other countries, including those in the African region. He therefore called on physicians, health workers and citizens of the Commonwealth to have great hope, optimism and courage, in confronting the Covid-19 pandemic.
In his words, ‘the daunting challenges notwithstanding, the progress so far made, particularly in China, demonstrates that Covid-19 can be defeated if there is sustained strong political will and commitment, backed with strong health institutional frameworks, adequate protection and incentivisation of health workers, citizen participation, and strict adherence to defined promotive, preventive and clinical care protocols’.

Dr. Enabulele observed a minute silence in honour of all departed physicians, health workers, and citizens. He also expressed the CMA’s wish for a speedy and excellent recovery for all those who currently lie stricken by Covid-19.

While asserting that Covid-19 is not a death sentence, Dr. Enabulele gave some health tips on how to avoid being infected by Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) and advised those who may have been exposed or who may be ill with symptoms similar to those of Covid-19 (fever, cough, difficulty in breathing, e.t.c.) to urgently call their licensed physician or healthcare provider or the numbers provided by the relevant health authorities.

The CMA President reaffirmed the CMA’s commitment to fight along with WHO, the Commonwealth Secretariat, Governments, the private sector and the global community, to check the escalation of the virus and bring back those on the brink, through effective treatment, care, and support, as well as the deployment of its resources, including the CMA online University (CMA e-Varsity).